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Experiencing Unexpected Car Engi...

If you are experiencing sudden car breakdowns or unexpected noises from coming out of your car th...

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Increasing Demands of Fuel-Frien...

CFA (Consumer Federation of America) has done a survey to understand the behavior of average Amer...

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Dubai’s New Plan to Manage Count...

High tech fuel management systems are ready to assist fuel companies in Dubai for effective fuel ...

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Mexico; From Exporter to Importe...

For the first time since least 40 years, time has shifted its gears. ‘Mexico’ a country known for...

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Medvin World of Liquefied and Co...

A three day event organized by Medvin is about to happen in the Ukrainian city of Kiev. The mega ...

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Oil and Gas Fuel and Energy Comp...

A four day event associated to advance fuel products and development will be held at the Exhibiti...

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Petroleum Asia Expo 2014

After the success in 2014, Petroleum Asia Expo is scheduled this year as well. It will be a three...

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WPC, A Platform Confined With In...

World Petroleum Congress and Exhibition (WPC Exhibition) is a high profile platform to provide en...

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Company Introduction

Fuel Dispenser Manufacturer & Fuel Dispenser Wholesalers – SANKI PETRO


Beijing Sanki Petroleum Technology Co. Ltd is the trade name as the most leading fuel dispenser manufacturer and fuel dispenser wholesalers in China. Sanki petroleum has become a trademark in manufacturing fuel dispenser units, fuel dispensing equipment and monitoring systems and tank gauging system for major fuel companies around the world. Sanki Petroleum enjoys the sole distributorship of ultra high tech gas and liquid fuel dispensing equipment to SINOPEC, PETROCHINA and CNOOC.

Over the last 18 successful years of production, Sanki petrol dispenser manufacturers have developed its maximum capacity to generate the annual output of more than 20,000 fuel dispenser and fuel dispensing equipment. Our well known and reputable clients like SINOPEC and PETROCHINA enjoy our swift distribution services which have been supplied with 200,000 and 15000 units last year to fuel pumping stations nationwide.

Sanki fuel dispenser wholesalers have established its distribution network within 30 provinces and a service network of 80 authorized service providers in China. Our worldwide sales and services network has spread its roots over 20 countries and 3 continents including the entire regions of Asia, Africa, and South America, which makes us one of the most prominent fuel dispenser manufacturer in these regions.


Sanki petroleum petrol dispenser manufacturers believes in quality human resource. We enjoy a highly professional team of technicians, engineers, marketing professionals and a highly cooperative associate staff. Our prior concern is to facilitate our valued customers by manufacturing high quality and unmatchable gas and liquid fuel dispensers along with all other kinds of fuel dispensing equipment, fuel dispenser control systems and supporting parts. Throughout the years of practice, we have spread our distribution network all around the globe to assist our clients in their working operations and have gained their trust as one of the best fuel dispenser manufacturer.

We specialize in providing fuel dispenser unit pumps, fuel dispensing equipment, automated fuel dispensers, gas dispensing units and much more. The fuel dispensing equipment is highly manufactured using the most advanced and state of the art technology so that our customers remain satisfied with the standard and quality of our fuel management systems.


Being known among the largest global fuel dispenser manufacturer, Sanki Petroleum is credited with legitimacy and originality. Having elite quality of fuel dispenser unit control systems and fuel dispensing equipment, Sanki petroleum enjoys zero-refusal of goods and very low negative feedback from customers.

Our portfolio of fuel dispensing equipment includes premium quality automated fuel dispensers, heavy duty fuel dispenser monitoring system, gas dispensers, fuel dispenser pumps, etc.

Our dispensers for oil and gas fuels are highly in demand particularly in the markets of Asia, Africa and Middle East, enabling us to built strong customer relations all over the world. The demand of our products in the international market has tremendously increased our supply rate over the past decades.


Because of our customer oriented branding policies and large market share; we have proudly emerged on top position among other fuel dispenser manufacturer and suppliers in the world. Based on the quality of our products, we have been awarded and acquired many receptions and certifications.

Safety and quality of our fuel dispenser units are two highly focused aspects of our production purpose. After years of practice, improvements and upgrades, Sanki petroleum fuel dispenser wholesalers has become one of the most specialized, experienced and trusted fuel dispenser manufacturer. We have been rewarded with the ISO, PEI, OIML, Meteorology and Explosion Proof certifications.


As one of the most renowned fuel dispenser manufacturer, we focus on a very important aspect that is consumerism. It has been our prime concern to make our fuel dispenser unit and every other product more consumer-friendly, affordable and obtainable.

Our fuel dispenser units are known for their accuracy and correct readings with no chances of failures, incorrect or false readings. Our technology assurance makes sure that every unit gives precise count by encompassing brilliance in electronic and mechanical components.

Our advanced fuel dispenser unit is of high quality explosion-proof motors with high resisting ability against power fluctuations, specially designed filtering systems with build-in re-cleanable filters, flexible fuel application for petrol, diesel, and kerosene etc, works well in extreme conditions, like extremely cold, hot, humid, and sand-stormy environment.

Sanki Fuel dispenser wholesalers do offer certain optional features like stage II Vapor Recovery, fuel dispensing equipment, breakaway coupling, emergency shutoff button, card reader payment, double swivel, standard electronics interface to POS and automated printer, heater for ultra low temperature shutoff valve for remote fuel dispensing equipment.


Sanki petroleum operates a well established quality control assembly which ensures that no fuel dispenser unit and fuel dispensing equipment are overlooked throughout the course of inspection. The entire control assembly comprises of three coordinate measuring machines, standard metal measurement meters, vane pump intelligent test benches, universal microscope tools, burawoy optical hardness testers, and dial indicator verification instruments, etc. Moreover, with the 150 high-precision test equipments outfitted with high and low temperature test Chambers including with the salt spray test machines, rain test laboratory, and vibration test-bed make sure every single piece of equipment lays under the standardized quality measures.

Sanki Petroleum fuel dispenser wholesalers is the ultimate fuel dispenser supplier, ready to help you establish your own retail petroleum business. We never compromise on quality and commitment. Our well established customer service is available 24 hours online and offline to provide you assistance. We will happy to resolve your queries.