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System of Fuel management is the recent development in the field of electric power that facilitates any power plant or relevant industries to calculate the fuel oil level. This auto management system controls and monitors a logical controller automatically programmed by a system of data acquisition and process control.

We have designed our fuel monitoring system to manage and measure the use of fuel oil with maximum efficiency and precision. Our system of fuel management has proven its shear effectiveness in the areas and industries of transport and construction. This particular system employs several technical and intelligent methods which are programmed to observe, control and measure the amount of fuel dispensed.

Being one of the leading and legitimate worldwide fuel management systems suppliers, we are specialized and genuine manufacturing company that has raised its level of expertise by achieving many international awards and certifications. The specifications and key features of our fuel control systems are briefly described as follows:

This multifunctional fuel flow management unit is multifunctional and multidimensional to serve various management functions. This particular system if fully operational to pump & monitor tanks real-time status, fuel in by displaying the transactions and real-time reception, accounting Real-time total sales for current shift, accurate price adjustment, Tank delivery registration, timely shift processing, including with exporting excel documents.

This fully automatic management system records and responds to certain inquiries including the shift inquiry, Sales details inquiry, Operator sales statistics inquiry, Delivery record inquiry, Price changing record inquiry, Pump, total inquiry, Oil workload inquiry including with the Shift report/Daily report inquiry. This state of the art technology makes us stand out from the rest of the fuel management systems suppliers.

IC CARD CENTER MANAGEMENT SYSTEM YS8591 - IC card sale point system YS8592
Our pre programmed FMS is very influential to perform various nominal functions like IC Card making, Secret key management, Group customer management, Card daily operation, Reporting management, Inquiry & Statistics plus System configuration management.

Being one of the largest fuel management systems manufacturers, we had to design an online self service system to execute certain functions like Fueling bills, self inquiry, IC card information, Inquiry, Suspend card online, including with the password self changing.

Our particular fuel management system serves two main functions; first is to inquire or notify product delivery, volume of sales, inventory data, including with the management of the corresponding business, and second is to take out market analysis and information by evaluating statistical data from different angles. Its utmost features or central functions are briefly described below:

This system executes the firm delivery of management, proper sales management; inventory Management, Reporting Management, Business Analysis, Sales Plan Management, and Price Adjustment.