Spare Parts

Sanki offers complete spare parts for all of our products including the tank gauging system. The spare parts of our products are manufactured based on the same principals of quality and standards which makes Sanki the most renowned brand in China. Sanki petroleum is renowned for its genuine quality spare parts designed and built to carry out your alternate equipment requirement. Sanki spare parts are known for their out-of-the box performance with their longevity, reliability and low maintenance. We are a legitimate spare parts supplier offering a complete catalog of professional kits and upgraded tools to help you get the maximum out of our products.

Spare parts have their own significance especially when it comes to use in expensive fuel equipment. Since these are cheap, replaceable or interchangeable they keep the costs on maintenance. By keeping an extra inventory of your equipment you can easily manage, repair and replace your parts all by yourself. Spare parts are an important feature of Sanki product catalog because it gives you convenience to pursue and outgrow forthcoming industrial needs by having interchangeable parts.

Sanki Petroleum Company manufactures and supplies its spare parts in all regions, districts and corners of the world. Having credible reputation, we are known for our quality and legitimacy of our spare parts. We specialize in manufacturing, supplying, and fulfilling needs of our domestic and international customers. Our spare parts are scrutinized by our highly qualified expert panel.

We have stacked and crafted every single spare part with same integrity as our premium and highly featured products. Our petrol/diesel equipment is all diverse in characteristics. Being utilized for every dissimilar operational need, these parts have proven their existence as an alternate working solution.