Tank Gauge System

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By Sanki Petroleum

Beijing Sanki Petroleum Technology Co Ltd. has been popular Tank gauging system suppliers from China. We are highly professional tank gauging suppliers; capable in supplying advanced tank gauging system. We have a team of technical enthusiasts who have designed the most highly advanced gauging system. With this tank gauging; you would be able to monitor, control, record fuel level efficiently. Our system is capable of working with any kind of fuel type enabling you to measure and stabilize fuel flow in and out of the tank.

Sanki tank gauging system supplier has developed its tank gauging system encompassing cutting edge technology. With the automatic fuel monitoring you would be able to gauge fuel level, total volume as we all as the temperature of the fuel. Apart from traditional measuring and gauging options, or brilliant gauging system is able to detect accidental leakages, overfilling and under filling. The smart technology used in our tank system can alarm the user of any incoming dangers like flammability as well. The system is also able to collect, record, maintain and share logs with other compatible devices through online protocols. Our tank gauging system has been designed keeping in mind the ease of use and therefore enable users to monitor and control their fuel tanks remotely as well. This brilliant system will completely automate your tank management and will also help you in maintaining timely, accurate and safe fuel transaction.

Sanki has all its systems and products based on state of the art technology. We are global tank gauging suppliers. Our systems have some of the most sophisticated options making us the number 1 in manufacturing fuel management products. Our system runs on a highly capable computer aided by highly sensitive and powerful sensors. The system constantly keeps a check on the fuel tank and notifies the handler with precise and accurate readings. It keeps can records and analyzes readings thereby automating the entire process of fuel tank monitoring and saving precious time. The tank gauging system offers several modes of handling which allow a user to have full control over the entire gauging system.

With our tank gauging system installed, you will experience almost negligible incidents of fuel tank malfunctioning. The system is able to make backups of the data and any previous data can be restored for future reference. Our system is the most capable and efficient till date in the petroleum industry. Sanki has the privilege of being an innovator in designing and introducing some of the most sophisticated machines for the fuel industry.

Being the industry leader Sanki tank gauging supplier has all the advanced features integrated into our tank gauging system. Our systems have the ability to take control of your existing tank systems and provide you with real time accurate readings and alarming systems. Easy to handle switches and controls make the system more practicable and transmission of commands swiftly. Our technical expertise makes sure that all of our fuel-level monitoring systems adhere to top standards of performance and safety. This system is completely compatible with all types of tanks meant for handling different kinds of fuels. High definition display and wide range of connection properties make it more flexible and easy to use.