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Beijing Sanki Petroleum
Technology Co. Limited

Beijing Sanki Petroleum is named among the leading manufacturers of petroleum related machinery and products. We are now credited to be one of the most reliable fuel dispenser manufacturers and suppliers for petroleum industry.

With the years of manufacturing experience we are specialized in manufacturing Dispensing units for fuels, fuel managing equipment, fuel storage tank gauging system and many other industry related products. Beijing Sanki leads the race in industrial and technical developments by keeping its production process parallel to science and technology. We have contributed our maximum concern in drafting Chinas national standards for fuel storing and dispensing units.


Our factory is located at the heart of Beijing that is the highly active industrial area of the district. We laid our foundation at the Beijing Economic-Technological Development Area which is a high-tech business region in entire China.

Sanki Petroleum at its maximum potential takes out the annual production of 20,000 dispensers and is named among the top refueling equipment manufacturers in China. Having the distribution capacity to supply over 200,000 units, Beijing Sanki has setup a widespread sales distribution network in China. SINOPEC and PETROCHINA are the two largest worldwide fuel companies and Sanki, enjoys being the proud distributor of SINOPEC and PETROCHINA with the 35000 and 15000 services stations in the entire China.


Beijing Sanki has assembled a very strong distribution network by collaborating in both national and international trade shows. We have been influencing the industry related investors by our unmatchable solution and at this stage we enjoy the pride of maintaining long-term business relationships with our Japanese and European clients.

Beijing Sanki has established its strong distribution network in South Asia, Middle East, Europe, Africa, Central Asia, and Southeast Asia and 20 more countries including Russia, Indonesia, Mongolia, Ghana, Sri Lanka, Nigeria, Mexico, Philippines, Iran, Kazakhstan, Pakistan, Lebanon and East Timor etc. Now in the 21st century, Sanki is known as a prospective brand, a brand that has proven its existence in the international market of petroleum industry.


Maintaining a firm grip and front position is always a challenge in the fluctuating and competitive market and believe it or not Our devotion to innovation and industrial practices has kept up lead the edge of the firm.

In the worldwide fuel Industry, Beijing Sanki is positioned as the primary fuel equipment manufacturer. Beijing Sanki has licensed and certified itself with the International Organization of Legal Meteorology (OIML), standard ISO9001 superiority system and ISO14001 environmental system. Moreover, we are a few steps away from getting the ATEX approval. Having the power to cater fuel industry, Beijing Sanki has been elected as the supplier of SINOPEC, PETROCHINA and CNOOC. With specialized technological service operations we are making our continuous efforts to contribute the industry. We are not just a company, we are a corporation. We are Beijing Sanki Petroleum.

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