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A Guide for the Selection of Flow Meters

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How to Select Flow Meters for Your Fuel Dispenser

Flow meters are utilized to measure the fuel or lubricant amount being dispensed. Therefore flow meters in Fuel Dispensing Equipment are highly useful in industrial work places where machines or vehicles are topped up.

Choosing a meter for your workplace can be made easier by asking yourself a few basic questions before you start your search, such as ‘What fuel will I be using?’ and ‘What power supply do I need?’. Then you can narrow down your options depending upon your needs, instead of ending up with the flow meter, which is not suitable for your purpose.

Categories of Flow Meters

Flow meters can be divided into three main categories: mechanical meters, electronic meters and nozzle meters. The mechanical flow meters are simple in design, while the electronic models contain a digital display for more accuracy and also can be bought in different fuel options.

The nozzle meter can be taken as a 2 in 1 fuel dispensing item, as they are compact on the ends with a handy nozzle for easy dispensing. Along with being easy to utilize, these meters appear and feel similar because we are habitual of using these kinds of fuel dispenser each time we go to any fuel station!

Applications of Flow Meters

With these types if flow meters you can dispense a range of fuels such as diesel and petrol, as well as urea, biodiesel, oil, and even fluids such as windscreen cleaner.

Advantages of Flow Meters

There are several advantages of using a fuel flow meter in your workspace. However, the most obvious advantage is cost cutting. By using flow meters you can track how much oil, lubricant fuel, etc. you are using every time you fill up a machine or vehicle. Keeping record of how much fuel can help you to monitor expense and implement efficiency savings if you desire that this will be important.

Of course, getting help in efficiency checking and keeping down running costs, flow meters make sense to exactly know how much fuel you need to use. Because some machines and vehicles have an optimum level of fuel that should not be exceeded.

Wrap Up

Now that you know the options when it comes to flow meters, it is wise to keep your budget in mind and take a look at the options that you have available to you in each category. Don’t forget to look through the pictures, descriptions and specifications of each model – and also double check that it is suitable for the main fuel you will be using!

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