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4 Key Factors When Selecting An Automatic Tank Level Gauge System

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There are some similarities between several automatic tank gauging system available in the marketplace. It is tough to make the same options comparable, and there are a few characteristics that stand out. Focusing on the following considerations, comparing one another is easy.

Automatic Tank Level Gauge Characteristics:

The first thing to consider is to look at the characteristics of the automatic tank level gauge. Gauges that are accurate use a magneto-Restrictive sensor. This sensor measures the levels of oil and water. Also, they can measure the temperature of oil in the tank. This allows for a reliable and accurate reading that benefits the fuel dispensing equipment and any leak detection systems.

For accuracy, the automatic tank level gauge must have a resolution of.001 mm. This ensures minor alterations in the level of oil or water are easy to recognize. Pay attention to how easy it is to install and maintain these gauges to reduce the ongoing operational costs.

PC Controller:

To make an automatic tank level gauge as useful as possible, use the best strategy. This means that incorporate it with a PC controller. You need to select:

  • PC controllers feature
  • Economical buying cost
  • Pre-installed safety barrier
  • Customizable software.

Customizable software is vital as it ensures the overall system will meet the requirements of any buyer. It also makes the complete system easy to manage. Most times, a PC controller is one factor that is often overlooked, even though it is an essential component. This connects the authentic tank level gauge to the PC to transmit and understand data.

Working in help with the PC controller is often an individual console. Today’s best console feature is an easy-to-use touchscreen for easy oil management. For the best outcomes, choose a console that allows for up to 32 gauge level sensors to be connected to it. This minimizes the first capital investment while maintaining a high level of correctness and functionality.

Configuration Of Automatic Tank Level Gauge:

Another key factor is how the automatic tank level gauge is configured. To be effective and convenient, the configuration must use innovative technologies such as:

  • Mobile alerts
  • Wi-Fi connections
  • Traditional internet.

This allows for maximum adaptability and flexibility. It also makes sure that any important data is not only passed on to the headquarters or the major station but also the mobile devices.

Management Of Oil And Leak Detection Capabilities:

The final factor is to select an automatic tank level gauge which includes an oil management and leak detection system. Combining a PC-controlled, precise automatic tank level gauge, and versatile gauge configuration makes it easy to detect any leaks in the system. The most accurate gauges detect leaks of oil or other liquid contents.

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