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Predictive Maintenance of Fuel Dispensing Equipment

fuel dispensing equipment

The ability to anticipate failures and make proactive strategies is a luring option for customers. Taking proactive actions show evidence of a clear ROI. Across applications and industries, predictive maintenance is gaining acceptance and more traction. Various services were approached to develop a similar solution for the control of losses and preserve brand value.

Due to the lack of predictive maintenance, clients face issues with the constant breakdown of fuel dispensing equipment and the failures led to several problems:

Leakage in Revenue

There are almost 55 percent chances that a client would not use the dispensing machine again if it failed to work the first time satisfactorily. Clients lose a recurring and significant amount of revenue as they continue losing customers.

Additional Service Maintenance Cost

The clients were not able to predict the malfunction of the dispenser. As a result, the maintenance team used to reach the station post-breakdown. A breakdown caused a delay in repairs, increased cost of product replacement, and ad-hoc need of dispenser mechanics. All the issues made the service even more expensive.

The decrease in Brand Value

Word of mouth from customers spread dissatisfaction, which led to a further reduction in brand value.

Enhanced Product Liability Cost

Reduced quality of filtration led to an increased probability of inferior quality fuel and the possibility of legal problems in case of a vehicle breakdown.

With such an enormous amount at stake, the customer needed to comprehend the main eight issues that were causing the breakdowns and resolve the two most often happening malfunctions. The thought was to mechanize the whole procedure and utilize prescient and preventive upkeep without changing the general design of the dispenser.

Different companies concocted eight significant reasons for dispenser failure and approach to determine the causes and mechanize the support procedure. They took a shot at the metering module and filtration module as the customer agreed that these were the most repeating issues. Some further chipped away at structure and advancement of metering and filtration module, which incorporated the following:

Sensors design & development: Module-to-house multiple sensors, including differential pressure sensors, for monitoring the system condition and anticipate failures.

Enhancing sensor uptime: Power was drawn from a small turbine generator kept inside the sealed container for avoiding electric wiring.

IoT enabled: Radio module was presented to connect with cloud gateway.

Predictive analytics: Data resulting from differential pressure sensors were analyzed for describing filter clog state.

Potential of predictive Maintenance

Encouraged with the impressive work, clients of Tank Gauging System ask to improve the existing solution further. Various fuel dispenser manufacturers are working on the following aspects of the solution:

  • Induction of neural networks and Artificial Intelligence in predictive dispenser maintenance
  • Production of the console-based application provides the meter status by merely looking into the meter on the spot. There will be no need for analysis of the data stored in the cloud.

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