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September 28, 2020
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Innovations in Fuel Dispensers


Gas Stations are More Than Just Fuel Dispensers

In the early years, the existence of gas stations was attributed to its function, which is, dispensing fuel from fuel or LNG dispenser manufacturers. But now, the face of gas stations has changed immensely. They have bow become a retail – marketing sales tool. Supermarkets, couponing, scanning, video displays, and eating have now become a common function of every gas station that you will visit. From strictly functional they have evolved to be multipurpose.

Fuel Dispensers

Advanced fuel dispensing systems are now in place. These dispensers offered by quality fuel dispenser manufacturers display various functions. These include barcoding, interactive videos screen, scanner, customer identification Keypad, and magnetic card terminal.

With a magnetic card terminal installed on the dispenser, the staff no longer have to keep credit/debit card machines with them. Through an interactive video screen, the customers can entertain themselves while waiting for the fuel to get pumped in their vehicles. Customer Identification Keypad enables a customer to check his transactions. Each customer is given a unique identification number.

The pumps also have a DEF Dispensing system. Diesel Exhaust Fluid is added to the diesel exhaust to convert smog providing nitrogen oxide into harmless nitrogen and water vapor.

Gas stations do not depend only on Gasoline sales for their revenue. Well, they have now come up with supermarkets, coffee houses, and kid-play areas to increase their revenue. Gas stations also lower the gasoline price to attract customers. With more customers coming, their retail business would also go up.

Pay From hard Cash

A new innovation has come up whereby customers at the petrol pumps can pay with their fingertips. The reason for this innovation is a known fact that the customers using cards do not like to wait to make their payment. They want a quicker and more secure way. The latest innovation enables the customer to scan his fingerprint at a kiosk inside the store and link his payment information at the store or online.

Robotic Fuel Dispenser

Another innovation is that of a robotic gas station where the whole process of dispensing fuel into the vehicle is done by a robot. The customer enters the amount of gas needed on a keypad and with the help of a transmitter on the dashboard of the car; the robotic pump can read the car’s make and model. Then a robotic arm discovers the gas tank and unrolls it with suction. Then the robot inserts a nozzle through a flap in the tank cap and dispenses fuel.

Now you don’t have to line up your car and wait for your turn to get fuel. You can park your car anywhere inside the station and wait for the pump to come to your car.

Wrap Up

Gas stations depict a clear picture of where we are living in. With innovations like the advanced Fuel Dispensing system, Robotic gas station, and a total change in the surroundings of the petrol pump have increased the efficiency and business of the gas stations. Their revenue has increased manifold. The gas stations now serve several industries apart from LNG dispenser manufacturers.

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