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Uses and Types of Different Automobile Gauges

The instrument used to measure the fuel, air, speed, pressure, dimensions, temperature distance, and pressure of the automobile is known as auto gauge. These devices have a needle to show the measurements. A needle is also installed on fuel dispensing equipment.

Auto gauge is offered in varieties including different colors, designs, shapes, and so forth. These measuring devices are necessary for automobiles’ proper functioning.

Understanding Various Types of Gauges

There are predominantly four forms of gauges:

  • Fuel gauge,
  • Speedometer,
  • Temperature gauge and
  • The tachometer

Today all the above-mentioned measuring devices are manufactured via the latest technological features. These characteristics enable precise and better measurements.

Based on production technologies, there are two kinds of gauges –

  • The digital gauge and
  • The analog gauge

Fuel Gauge:

This is an auto gauge used to measure the fuel level in the tank of an automobile. Found on automobile dashboards, this gauge offers two parts namely the sender unit and the indicator.

When the fuel tank gauging system is full, the indicator displays “F”. Also, the tank shows “E” when the fuel tank gets empty.

There are three different types of fuel gauges:

  • Oil pressure gauge,
  • The fuel pressure gauge, and
  • The oil gauge level


It is one of the important instruments used to gauge the speed of the automobile. Today, there are various speedometers offered in the market by fuel dispensing equipment suppliers.

Temperature gauge:

It is used to measure the engine’s temperature. This gauge enables the proper working of the engine. Temperature gauge averts overheating of the automobile through monitoring the temperature. It is quintessential to keep a temperature gauge as it displays the accurate temperature of every automobile.


The RPM (revolution per minute) of a car can be monitored with a tachometer. It is a crucial auto gauge that assures better engine functioning and eventually the automobile.

Every fuel measuring device that is installed in the car’s dashboard has its use and importance.

Other Important Auto Gauge Meters

Besides the above, other measurement devices are important in the context:

  • Dynamometer,
  • Voltmeter,
  • Speedometers,
  • Hydrometer,
  • Water temperature meter,
  • Ammeter and more.

Besides auto gauges, some accessories are also needed to install, protect, and mount these gauges such as boost tubing, magnetic sensor, pressure sender, light kit, probe, lead wire, digital scales, fuel level sender, and dial bore gauges.

Last Word

There are several advantages of installing automobile gauges in vehicles. With multiple gauges in the dashboard, you can precisely know the problem with your vehicle. Each indicator displays the exact measurement that will help in the diagnosis of the problem.

Another advantage of using these gauges is that you can keep a check on the speed, temperature, and fuel of the automobile. This, in turn, ensures the long life and better functioning of your vehicle.

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