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November 2, 2018
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Gas Dispenser

Gas Dispenser Manufacturer in China

Sankipetro is a renowned gas dispenser manufacturer established a decade ago. It is located in Beijing China. We believe that passion brings success. Therefore, we commit to each of our clients to assure our dispenser is worth their investment. We guarantee you will get value for money as we have assistance of industry professionals and skilled experts.
Sankipetro believe that client-centric businesses grow manifold and in an effective manner. So, our main goal is to provide maximum satisfaction to our clients through our uncanny and quality gas dispensers.
We strive to maintain between quality and time. We provide individual attention to our customers, listen to their demands, provide dispensers within the due date, and ensure quality standards are maintained throughout our manufacturing process.
We want our premium quality dispensers and product care to be the major reasons for customer satisfaction and brand commitment. We pay special care to maintain the desired work ethics and provide our products at market competitive prices.
Our vision is to give our clients with dispensers that will increase their trustworthiness due to their structural expertise and high-quality. As a prominent gas dispenser manufacturer, we aim to grow and maintain customer loyalty and commitment through acquisition of product experts that have a strong knowledgebase, reliability, and passion within their work commitments.
We believe in using proper resources that can provide flawless support to our expertise regarding logical and quick solutions to our clients. Therefore, we distribute our supervisors, necessary workforce and equipment. This ensures that whenever a customer demands assistance it can be provided on-time.


Gas Dispenser Manufacturer

Function of Gas Dispenser :

*Measuring function: Accurate and trustable measurement

*Control function: Guarantee proportion of getting gas, and control the proportion of gas refueling. Guarantee refueling efficiency and safety

*High accurate cryogenic flow meter from Emerson, Measuring available for mass or volume.

*High visibility LCD display with bright back light

*Display of unit price, liters, sales of the gas

*Available function for refueled by preset

*Automatically stop when refueling completed.

*Data can be saved in power off state, display data lingeringly

*Data communication with station management system, monitored and managed by the system.

*Several dispenser can be work with one pump for gas refueling under the control of station management system.

*Breakaway protection function available for the pipe.

*Intrinsically safety, ex-proof design


Technical parameter:

Media Compressed natural gas(CNG)
Accuracy ±0.5%
 Rated flow rate 30Nm³/min( standard CNG dispenser)
40 Nm³/min(Hi-flow rate CNG dispenser)
80 Nm³/min(discharge pole)
90 Nm³/min(filling pole)
Measuring unit Nm³ or Kg
Pressure rage Designed system pressure:27.5 Mpa
Max working pressure: 25 Mpa
Rated working pressure: 20Mpa
Ambient temperature -30℃-55℃(-40℃-55℃)
Humility ≤95%
Power supply 220VAC+10%-15%,50Hz±1Hz
Capacity <200W
EX-code Ex d e ib mb IIA T3 Gb

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