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November 1, 2018
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November 1, 2018
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Wireless Transmition Solution

Wireless transmition solution

—For chain gas station management of oil company
Solution Introductions:
This solution is designed for the company with many stations which location are remote and distributed.
In the petrol stations we use GPRS communication controller to collect and transmit the trades to server.
The Retail center management system is installed in the petroleum company’s server. It’s used to statistics and analyze sales data, help the petroleum company to achieve the centralized management of multiple petrol stations.
This solution no need set a computer in the station, it’s high Cost-Effective. It meets the demand for petroleum companies to centrally manage petrol station business, but also greatly reduces the cost.
System Structure
Subsystem Introduction
Retail center management system YS8800G
There are two functions, the first is to inquiry or statistic product delivery, sales, inventory data, and manage the corresponding business; the second is to get market information timely from the statistical data or analysis of data at different angles. Its main functions are as below:
Ø         Statement of stations
Ø         Sales Management
Ø         Sales Analysis
Ø         Price Adjustment
Ø         Nozzle Monitor
Ø         System Setting
Ø         User setting
GPRS communication controller
Ø         Data Collection
Ø         Data Transmission

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