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November 1, 2018
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November 1, 2018
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Without card solution
—For single gas station
Solution Introductions:
The solution is designed specifically for the single gas station with ordinary dispenser. This solution is comprised of the gas station management system (YS8100/8150) and the gas station remote monitoring system (YS8700). It is able to complete the daily oil invoicing management work, and also support the gas station manager to remotely view the state of operation. It’s low-cost, cost-effective.
System Structure
Subsystem Introduction
Gas station management systemYS8100/8150
The support ability limit of this system: support as many as 9 tanks, 128 nozzles, 8 communication controllers and 1 tank gauge.
Ø         (dispensers and tank)Status monitoring
Ø         Price adjustment
Ø         Delivery registration
Ø         Shift processing
Ø         Information inquiry
Ø         Report management
Gas station remote management systemYS8700
It is designed for the manager or leader of gas station who can inquire operation information anytime anywhere over the network.
Ø         Tank status monitoring
Ø         Nozzles status monitoring
Ø         Shift report inquiry
Ø         Daily report inquiry
Ø         Inventory inquiry
Ø         Price adjustment inquiry
Ø         Delivery inquiry
Ø         Change password

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